Welcome to BRIDGE PHARMA, Inc.

BRIDGE PHARMA, Inc. is a privately held research and development company, presently focusing on medications for the treatment of specific dermal and pulmonary diseases. BRIDGE PHARMA’s projects address unmet medical needs within large and growing global markets, and offer new therapies with significant improvements and advantages over existing treatments.

BRIDGE PHARMA’s offices are in Sarasota Florida, USA, and in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The company’s laboratory and clinical research is performed in collaboration with experienced CROs and other specialists in the U.S., Canada, Europe, New Zealand, China and India.


Gunnar Aberg, Ph.D. is the CEO and founder of Bridge Pharma, Inc., and has been co-developer of a dozen new drugs. Gunnar was born in Sweden, where he obtained degrees in zoophysiology and in pharmacology. After some years at Bofors Nobel-Pharma, he became head of pharmacology at Astra USA. Gunnar then became head of pharmacology at Ciba-Geigy USA, then at Squibb and BMS. He was later Senior VP for Research at Sepracor before founding Bridge Pharma, Inc. Gunnar has authored more than 100 scientific publications, and is an inventor on close to 100 US Patents and on several hundred international patents.

Dr. Gordon Bolger, Ph.D. is President and Founder of GO TO PK SOLUTIONS in Ajax, Ontario, Canada. Gordon was previously Director and PK specialist at Nucro-Technics, ON, Canada and Boehringer-Ingelheim, Quebec, Canada.

Prof. Vincent B. Ciofalo, Ph.D is an inventor on numerous Bridge Pharma patents. Before joining Bridge, Vince was Head of Pharmacology at Boehringer-Ingelheim USA, and VP for Research at the CRO Pharmakon.

Prof. Herbert Kaufman, M.D. is the ocular expert at Bridge Pharma and is involved in our ocular projects and patents. Herb is the author of about 900 publications and an inventor on several patents.

Dr. Karen A. LeCuyer, Ph.D., J.D. (Partner and Vice Chair of the Pharmaceutical Practice Group at Cantor Colburn LLP, Hartford, Connecticut) is our patent attorney. Karen also has a solid scientific background in areas of pivotal importance for Bridge Pharma’s NK projects.

Dr. Kresimir Pucaj, DVM, MSc, DABT has conducted most of our toxicology/pharmacokinetic studies. As head of Bridge Pharma Toronto, Kresimir is responsible for all aspects of all ongoing studies in Canada. Before joining Bridge Pharma, Kresimir was Director of Toxicology at NUCRO, a leading Canadian CRO, located in Ontario, Canada.

Prof. Emil Smith, Ph.D. was our main pharmacology consultant since the start of the NK Projects. Prof. Smith died from a COVID-19 infection. [Emil, we miss you so much.]

Paul A. Stewart, MBA is a Graduate of Harvard Business School and a previous head of business development at Eli Lilly / Elanco Animal Health. Paul is the key business consultant for Bridge Pharma, Inc.

BRIDGE PHARMA, Inc. is an R&D company and intends to out-license its NK projects.

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